Move to Amend Meeting Thursday Feb. 7, 2013 @ HSU LIBRARY ROOM 312 7 PM

the following received from Move to Amend <>:

Your Humboldt County Move to Amend is meeting this Thursday at 7pm and we have lots to discuss!

Meeting to be held in the Humboldt State University Library, Room 312 from 7-8:30pm. The room can be found by taking the elevator to the 3rd floor, turning left and it will be on your right side if you walk forward from in front of the elevator.

Proposed agenda is as follows (please reply with suggested alterations):
1. Welcome & Check-ins (10)
*Assign tasks for meeting, Natl Affiliate Call (2/19 at 5pm), Webinar (2/12 at 4pm), CA Call (2/27 at 6pm)
2. Discuss response to group questions from MTA Natl (15)
3. Report back from Outreach Committee (5)
4. Discuss Fundraising Committee, get consensus on what to do (10)
*Also, get consensus on whether or not to get a bank account
5. Report back from CA Conference Call (5)
6. Discuss County/State Initiative campaigns, get consensus at next mtg (15)
7. Discuss HCMTA local action (25)
Topics to include: outreach to local groups, tabling, house parties, fundraisers, study groups, others? Get consensus on where to start.
8. Plan agenda items for next meeting & check-outs. (5)

Please respond to  with comments or suggestions for the agenda 🙂

Thank you for your support and hope to see you on Thursday!

In Solidarity,

Sarah Scudder
Humboldt County MTA
Move to Amend Coalition

Move to Amend · PO Box 610, Eureka, CA 95502, United States


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