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Arizona State Senator, Tea Party Republican Investigated Over Classroom Invasion

shortlink:  mnemonic: PHOENIX (AP) – An Arizona school is considering hiring armed guards after a state senator barged into a classroom and verbally threatened a teacher over a dispute involving his teenage grandson. Students, teachers and administrators were … Continue reading

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Basic Math on the Minimum Wage

shortlink:  mnemonic: People say that a minimum wage increase to $12 an hour in 2014  is a “massive increase” but in fact it represents a mild 4.48% annual rise over the 46 years since 1968 when it stood … Continue reading

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The Eureka to Red Bluff Railway Fantasy

Open Letter – Gentle Suggestion for my Democratic Party and Green Party friends. I do not support the idea of any railroad being built to Humboldt Bay. Unless everyone agrees to remove Hwy 101. That being said, a gentle suggestion … Continue reading

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Karel @ the Wharfinger Sat. Mar. 30, 1 PM

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASECONTACT: Chris House   February 11, 2013(707)839-1985   INFORMATION LINE:   (707)618-9274   As part of our continuing author series, the Humboldt Library Foundation is pleased to present a unique special event. A local fundraiser and appearance with … Continue reading

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Right Wing Dark Money Steps into California Minimum Wage Fight

By Adolfo Flores, Los Angeles Times   March 27, 2013 shortlink here   mnemonic: Proposed legislation to raise the state minimum wage could eliminate tens of thousands of jobs and harm the California economy, a small-business advocacy group said. The … Continue reading

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Benefit for Transition Humboldt – Bayside Grange – March 30th – 7 PM

via Richard Salzman Redwood Progressive Transition Humboldt invites the public to attend a benefit music and dance event at the Bayside Grange on Saturday, March 30th from 7 PM to Midnight. Featured performers will be Beatles cover band Silver … Continue reading

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Please come to court tomorrow – Wednesday morning

Suing Eureka Police for Violating Civil Rights During Occupy Eureka Protest: SUPPORT IN THE COURTROOM IS VITAL!! Wednesday March 27th  at 9:00am 2nd floor, Humboldt County Courthouse Courtroom #6 with visiting Judge Johnson. Please support the civil rights lawsuits against … Continue reading

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Audio Arguments on Prop 8 Before the Supreme Court

Supreme Court Proposition 8 Oral Arguments Audio Recording Released. Listen Here:  

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David Cay Johnston Exposes Shocking Income Inequality Facts

David Cay Johnston shows the disparity between the gains in incomes of the average taxpayers and those in the top 10 percent. David Cay Johnston received the Pulitzer Prize for his coverage of tax policy while at The New York … Continue reading

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Eureka’s Archaic & Unconstitutional City Council Elections

July 22, 2011 at 8:23 am | #181 There are two problems with Eureka’s municipal elections. 1. The phony ward system. This is a perversion of the idea of one man one vote and is likely unconstitutional. It is designed … Continue reading

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