Eureka Student’s Online Petition to Improve Traffic Safety on Eureka’s H and I Streets

To: Citizens of Eureka California

We hear about pedestrians getting hit because of drivers either going too fast or not paying attention. H and I streets are two of the busiest streets in Eureka and it’s our job as citizens to make sure that they are safe for us. First off, H and I streets in Eureka run pass Eureka Senior High School. Most students morning routine is walking to school and almost getting hit by the morning 8 am traffic. Same with the lunch rush, then when school gets out, its time for the 3 pm traffic. There are “Slow School Xing” signs and cross walks everywhere, but most drivers disregard them.

Along with the high school, these streets are where Carson Park is located and is also a residential area.


Putting a divider down the middle of H and I streets and making them into a two way would cut down on pedestrian related accidents by adding a safe place for them to stand on while traffic is refusing to stop for the cross walk.

The median would make it impossible for immature drivers to race.

It would not only be a safe change but also an esthetically pleasing change by planting tress and plants in the divider.

Adding this median would make it easier for students of Eureka Senior High School to cross as well as citizens using the Eureka Transit (bus) System. People can cross the street easier and live their daily lives with less of a fear of having to cross the street.


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