Fair Wage Cafe, March 23, All Ages Fun!

Fair Wage Cafe, March 23, All Ages Fun!

Facebook Event short link:


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Bring your friends and family!!


Media Contact; James Decker (707) 761-5247

Facebook Event short link:


FREE COMMUNITY EVENT, Saturday, March 23. Flier HERE


The Fair Wage Cafe will be at the Labor Temple in Eureka from noon to 5pm, Saturday, March 23rd.

The Fair Wage Folks invite you to bring family and friends on March 23rd to FAIR WAGE CAFE for yummy free food, live music, games for kids, and more.

Stop by for a short time or stay all day. Relax. Enjoy the food, beverages and music. Help build strong community!

Speakers are welcome to talk about fair wages and other labor-related issues.

Local community groups are encouraged to set up information tables.

The Fair WageCafe is an open and casual space where people of all stripes are free to encounter each other.

The Fair Wage folks invite you to the Cafe to share ideas for community building, play cards, relax, learn, sip coffee, eat…Get involved to help pass the Eureka Fair Wage Act, raise in-home health carewages, and strengthen the working class of Humboldt County.

If you are interested in playing music at the March 23 Cafe please call, or just come ready to play!

There’s plenty of space for informational tables to spread the word about projects, efforts, or organizations. Tables will be provided.

FAIR WAGE CAFE a free community event Saturday, March 23rd, noon to 5pm at the Labor Temple, 840 E Street in Eureka, where 9th and E intersect

Call 707.442.7465 for more information or email info@fairwages.org

See you there, at the FAIR WAGE CAFE, Saturday March 23rd!


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