Sword Bites Pen, Pen Bites Back in Humboldt County’s Eureka

via NorthCoastJournal.com go to links below for story/background

There was no police caution tape and officers were allowing other library patrons to come and go. Carrie pulled out her cell phone camera and went to work. It was then a Eureka police officer told her, “No photos” — which she took as an order.

Carrie, who had worked as a reporter and editor for the Sacramento Bee for 23 years before moving to Humboldt, knows it is perfectly legal to take any picture in any public place — as a reporter or a member of the public — so she began to protest. It escalated from there…….

On Wednesday, Feb. 27, Carrie filed a formal complaint. Police were video recording the incident — we’ve requested a copy — and there is an internal police investigation in progress. We should know those results soon and what actions the city will take.


Original article:


LTE  http://www.northcoastjournal.com/news/2013/03/07/cops-and-cameras/


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