Trinidad Town Hall Meeting Saturday Afternoon – Protect Strawberry Rock

via Jack Nounnan:

This meeting Saturday confront’s Green Diamonds claims which have convinced too many people of their good intentions, while anyone hiking in will see the massive damages for themselves.

It’s to be a great organizing outing to stop GD! Bring your laptop computer.

Please be there . . .

Trinidad Town Hall Meeting

This Sat. Mar. 9, 1 – 4 Main St. Trinidad, Ca.

We’re asking for protection of Strawberry Rock and its surrounding Redwoods.

Help us turn this into a local and growing community forest

We have need to continue exposing all “green washing” by this giant corporation, expose its collusion with government, which allows such practices . . . and expose any agency certifying highest quality products, which can never come from clear cuts! It’s right there in their own certification standards!

* Please help by bringing a bit of munch food to share, like good dips and chips, sumptuous crackers or cookies, fresh fruit, other delightful nibbles and/or nourishing drinks

Why do we continue forgetting the critical needs of an entire world put in greater jeopardy by our regions fraction of its potential of oxygen to offset global warming? It’s time all forest practices were brought into line with this marching order! Too much is at stake on this planet for us to do less.

Friends Of Trinidad Forests

Forest Defenders

Trinidad Tree Sit

For further info: Abe Brower 707-845-1643

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