Strawberry Rock – Trinidad City Council – Wednesday Night Call Out

via Jack Nounnan:

Strawberry Rock Update:

It’s definitely a more spirited time!

* We need you with us . . .

This Wed. Trinidad City Council Meeting

7:00 Mar. 13

We need you as certain as any movement that ever achieves its purposes is defined by how many not only believe and support, but join in!

We’re going before this Council to request their support of our protests with Green Diamond – towards creating a Trinidad Community Forest around Strawberry Rock.

We’re on the Councils agenda! We’ re there to make our case and give them hundreds of petitions signed by folks supporting such an agreement.

Friends Of Trinidad Forest Proposal:

Cancellation of the timber harvest plan(THP 01-10-137 HUM) and the protection in perpetuity of the one square mile area surrounding Strawberry Rock.

We propose this area to be managed as a community forest by the City of Trinidad and/or Humboldt County.

Our unity now, as a group in pursuing these purposes is absolutely essential.

To Remember:

Among the toughest of issues confronting the human race now is how most of the worlds forests and watersheds including our own, are being plundered rather than contributing to our very existence in helping extend all life on earth. No ‘pie in the sky’ issue at all for any of us, especially those of coming generations facing this tragedy, billions of the poorer who may not even survive!

* Our Town Hall meeting this past Saturday covered in greater detail our organizing outreach to everyone, specific dates for cleanup of the area, hikes set for certain Saturdays into this very special site, better outreach to everyone, work on a video for public access and negotiations with the company,

Call for details: 925-325-0084 or 616-2212

Friends Of Trinidad Forests

Forest Defenders

Trinidad Tree Sit

For further info: Abe Brower 707-845-1643


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