Move To Amend Arcata Meeting


The National Campaign to End Corporate Personhood and Demand Real Democracy!
Move to Amend
We are so excited to be planning a Freeway Bannering event for the 127th Anniversary of Corporate Personhood, particularly in commemoration of the Santa Clara County vs. Southern Pacific Railroad Supreme Court case. The event will be on Friday, May 10th and we would like your input in planning the details!
Please come out to our planning meeting tomorrow evening at 7pm. We meet for 90 minutes and Scott at Redwood Yogurt in Arcata has graciously agreed to host us until 8:30pm for our meeting since the Humboldt State University Library is closed tomorrow evening.
The proposed meeting agenda is below & my suggestion is that we form a committee to tackle the event planning for May 10th, and another to handle future meeting announcements since obviously I can’t be trusted to send them out more than 24 hours in advance, but we’ll discuss that tomorrow:

Proposed Agenda:
0. Please come early if you would like to socialize, catch up with friends, or ask some questions. Or plan to chat with me after, I would love to talk with you after the meeting about what we are up to 🙂 6:45-7pm
1. Welcome, Intros, Any Announcements & Assign Tasks: Notetaker, Facilitator, Timekeeper, etc. (7-7:15)
2. Review David Cobb Event (7:15-30) *what’d we do well? *what can we do better? *other comments: *actions to take on this?
3. CA Strategy Discussion (7:30-45) Report back from CA Network Call& Affiliate Call *Discuss *Decisions?
4. Our Affiliate Discussion (7:45-8:10) What is our group focusing on this year, leading up to the ballot initiative in CA? A. Organizational Structure Discuss assigning some positions within our affiliate: Such as these ideas: *Two Co-coordinators of HCMTA *Outreach/Membership Coordinator and/or Committee *Media/PR Coordinator and/or Committee *Fundraising Coordinator and/or Committee *Treasurer, Secretary, What else? *Web/Tech Coordinator and/or Committee *Resolutions Coordinator and/or Committee *Webinar/Nat’l Liasion Coordinator and/or Committee B. Which ones should we prioritize, do we want to elect/assign these coordinator positions at next meeting?
5. May 10th Freeway Bannering Event & Possible Lobby Day (8:10-8:25) *Review Freeway Bannering *Discuss possible Lobby Day, same day, different day? *Possibly form a committee around this & take volunteers to lead to the committee *Plan a committee meeting date between now & next meeting (4/4) *Other actions?
6. Check Outs & Reviews Actions to be Taken (8:25-8:30)
7. Thank Scott for letting us have our meeting at Redwood Yogurt! 🙂
Thanks Y’all, hope to see you at our meeting tomorrow (Thursday).
In Solidarity,
Sarah Scudder Volunteer Humboldt County MTA 707-832-2018
P.S. If you ever are free at 6pm on Wednesday evenings!! Please come out to a Petition Party at the DUHC (Duck) House in Eureka at 1402 M St., Free Pizza & a Movie in exchange for some tedious but very interesting data entry that is essential to the Move to Amend movement. Call 707-269-0984 for details or just show up on any Weds at 6pm 🙂

HUMBOLDT MOVE TO AMEND Humboldt Move to Amend is a local affiliate of the Move to Amend Coalition

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