The Eureka to Red Bluff Railway Fantasy

Open Letter – Gentle Suggestion for my Democratic Party and Green Party friends.

I do not support the idea of any railroad being built to Humboldt Bay. Unless everyone agrees to remove Hwy 101.

That being said, a gentle suggestion for my Eureka Democratic and Green friends. Let’s insist upon if there is a railroad to be built to Humboldt Bay, then the railyard should be on the Balloon track and the port facilities should be within the city limits of Eureka. Either on our side of the bay, or we annex Samoa.

Otherwise Samoa gets the development and the jobs, Eureka gets the pollution and must provide more services with a deteriorating tax base.


Does this make sense?

The port facilities will have to be of equal value to the rail investment, so even by the wildly optimistic figure of $500 million to build the rail, that would mean a $500 million dollar investment in port infrastructure.  Right there is millions in  revenue in property taxes compared to what is collected now.   Compare that to the sales tax revenue of a Home Depot.  Should not the city of Eureka benefit from the development of its port?  Of course it should, and therefore all port development should be within city limits.

Now if the port is contributing millions of dollars  to the city, maybe your home propety  taxes could go down a bit.  If you insist upon having the port built within the city limits.

have a peaceful day,


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60 something ya. Libertarian Socialist, community activist, writer and troubador.
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