YOUR RIGHT TO VOTE IS AT RISK! Eureka California Sidesteps Constituti​on

YOUR RIGHT TO VOTE IS AT RISK! Eureka California Sidesteps Constituti​on Pension Obligation Bonds Scam.

For my fellow Eurekans who treasure their right to vote.

The Constitution of the State of California has guaranteed since 1879 the voters the right to approve by 2/3 majority the sale of long term obligations. (Bonds)

In the dark of election night last November the Eureka City Council passed a resolution that in effect filed a lawsuit against “All Persons Interested.” In effect every citizen of Eureka was sued, but more importantly the 14,000 voters of Eureka were sued to strip them of their right to vote on an $8.5 million bond issue – and ALL PENSION BOND ISSUES IN THE FUTURE.

We have one week to fix this. Trial is next monday and I have asked for a jury trial. I am not a lawyer the best defense I will be able to mount will be a few simple constitutional arguments and hope that the jury rules in our favor.

If you want the details go to my blog.

This is a bizarre reverse class action lawsuit and I was the only one to answer it. Am I the only one in Eureka that cares about the right to vote? I don’t think so but where are you?

This issue cuts across party and left/right lines. My issue is that I am a small “d” democrat who wants to protect democracy. I think the bonds are crappy junk bonds but the city has the right to issue crappy junk bonds – if the voters approve. That’s my issue.

Call the city council and demand that they end this farce NOW! Demand that they WITHDRAW THE LAWSUIT AGAINST YOU AND PUT THE BOND ISSUE ON THE BALLOT.

have a peaceful day,


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