Hunger Strike in San Diego to Support Immigrant Workers Rights

On March 21, Evolution Hospitality took over management of the Hilton Mission Valley. We succeeded in convincing Evolution to hire all 110 Hilton workers, but the company immediately subjected them to the E-Verify program.

Recently,a number of workers have been notified that their Social Security numbers did not check out with E-Verify, and nine now face deadlines of Monday or Tuesday to have their employment situation decided.

We believe the San Diego Nine, all of whom have worked at the hotel for more t…han a year, will soon be fired. In solidarity with these workers, we are holding a 5-day hunger strike at the Hilton Friday (04/05) through the following Tuesday (04/09).

Let’s send a clear message to Evolution Hospitality and our allies in the community that this policy is unjust! No more immigrant workers should be “legitimately” fired for standing up for their rights!

We’ll have an ongoing schedule of solidarity events and actions. Check back often as we add events and special guests, and join us on Twitter to support the #sandiegonine



About highboldtage

60 something ya. Libertarian Socialist, community activist, writer and troubador.
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