State Bar Recommneds Disbarment of Del Norte DA Jon Alexander

State Bar Court Judge Lucy Armendariz has recommended the disbarment of Del Norte County District Attorney Jon Alexander.

The judge also ordered Alexander transferred to “involuntary inactive status” as of Sunday.

Alexander can request a review by the State Bar Court Review Department.

The action comes two and a half months after the conclusion of a trial in which Alexander faced seven charges of misconduct. He denied any wrongdoing, but three of the seven charges were upheld.

An emergency meeting of the Del Norte County Board of Supervisors may be conducted as soon as today, said county administrative officer Jay Sarina.

“It’s unprecedented, this hasn’t ever happened to a sitting DA in the state of California,” Sarina said Friday morning.


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One Response to State Bar Recommneds Disbarment of Del Norte DA Jon Alexander

  1. Forest Queen says:

    Hear hear DelNorte! William Shakespeare didn’t say, “Let’s kill all the lawyers, let’s kill them tonight” for nothing. No STATE UNION BAR MEMBER with allegiance to a foreign jurisdiction should be permitted to “practice” administration codes on the people, let alone hold office. Foreign – BRITISH Accreditation Registry.

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