Close Guantanamo April 11 Action

Participate in the April 11 Day of Action to Close Guantánamo & End Indefinite Detention. RSVP on the April 11 facebook event page, see the event’s calendar page, invite your friends, and spread the word. Visit this site for additional April 11 demonstration times, exact locations, and cities.

A grave crisis is currently unfolding at the U.S. prison in Guantánamo Bay. CCR has heard directly from our clients and attorneys for other men that men detained at Guantánamo are participating in a widespread hunger-strike that has been taking place since early February, and some men are now in critical condition. The unfolding crisis at Guantánamo cannot be divorced from the fact that the vast majority of the 166 remaining prisoners have been held for more than 11 years without any charge or fair trial, and with no end to their detention in sight.

CCR attorneys and others who have visited the prison or spoken to their clients report that during the hunger strike men have lost drastic weight, on average between 30 to 40 pounds, and dozens have lost consciousness. If the hunger strike continues, the effects of prolonged starvation, combined with the trauma of indefinite detention, may result in irreversible physical and psychological harm, and even death. Despite these alarming reports, the military continues to deny the seriousness of the strike and refuses to meaningfully engage with us regarding our clients’ concerns. In recent statements to the press, JTF-GTMO officials have accused prisoners of manipulation, dismissing the hunger strike as a “weapon” and “tactic” employed by detainees to garner media attention.

The government’s effective non-response to the hunger strike so far is unacceptable. The President who once condemned Guantánamo’s shameful history of prisoner mistreatment and promised to rapidly close Guantánamo should direct Defense Department authorities to take immediate and meaningful steps to address the situation at hand. And ultimately, the solution to the crisis is to shutter the prison once and for all.

Now is a critical time to raise your voice and help us build political pressure to end the immense suffering at Guantánamo, and to shut the prison down.


from the Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR)
Please read below. We need to do something here in Humboldt TOMORROW (Thursday), even small things, in Arcata, Eureka, wherever..  This is an EMERGENCY call out. Please share this email, make the call, and do all that social media stuff.  ~Verbena

Join CCR and our partners TOMORROW, April 11th, for an Emergency Day of Action to Close Guantánamo & End Indefinite Detention! Most of the men detained have been on a hunger strike for more than two months and some are in critical condition. After 11 years of indefinite detention, these men are protesting in the only method  available to them.  We need YOU to protest too! One of CCR’s legal  workers just returned from visiting our clients in Guantánamo, and he  reports that the situation is the worst he’s ever seen it. The time is now to raise your voice and demand that the Obama  administration immediately address the causes of the hunger strike and  fulfill its promise to close Guantánamo.
1. Join our events in 20 cities across the US: New York, NY Albany, NY Rochester, NY Saratoga Springs, NY Washington, DC Chicago, IL San Francisco, CA Hartford, CT New Haven, CT Seattle, WA Worcester, MA Detroit, MI Houston, TX Los Angeles, CA Milwaukee, WI Pittsburgh, PA South Bend, IA Baltimore, MD Raleigh, NC Cleveland, OH
2. Call the White House at 202.456.1111 and tell President Obama to keep his promise to close Guantánamo.
3. Twitter Storm: President @BarackObama @WhiteHouse Keep your promise: #closegitmo #GitmoHungerStrike
4. If you have a Twitter account, take a picture of your action and tweet it using the hashtag#closeGitmo. Include @theCCR in your tweet and we’ll re-tweet you! Or email us your photo at
5. Watch and share this video of CCR Attorney Pardiss Kebriaei on All In with Chris Hayes:
6. See more actions beyond April 11th at CCR’s Guantánamo Hunger Strike page
7. Want to support this work further? Make a gift at
The time is now to raise your voice and help us build political pressure to end the immense suffering at Guantánamo and to shut the prison down. On behalf of our clients, who have suffered for too long, we thank you.


Read the two letters written by CCR and other lawyers representing detained men to Secretary of Defense Hagel (March 14, 2013) and to the heads of Joint Task Force Guantánamo (March 4, 2013), along with Amnesty International’s letter (March 22, 2013) to the Secretary of Defense.

Select News:

Has Obama Given Up on Closing Guantánamo? (CCR’s Pardiss Kebriaei on All in with Chris Hayes, April 8, 2013)

“As Obama, Congress Move on, Guantanamo is still a Problem” (Boston Globe Editorial Board, April 6, 2013)

“Hunger Strike at Guanánamo Bay” (New York Times Editorial Board, April 5, 2013)

“U.N. Official Calls for Closing of Guantanamo Bay” (Rolling Stone, April 5, 2013)

“Guantánamo Hunger Strike Grows” (All In with Chris Hayes, April 4, 2013)

Pillay Says Guantánamo Detention Regime is “In Clear Breach of International Law” and Should Be Closed (Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, April 5, 2013)

“The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights is Asking Questions About Guantánamo the US Cannot Answer” (CCR’s Executive Director Vincent Warren, Huffington Post, March 21, 2013)

“Déjà vu: Defense Officials Downplay Growing Guantánamo Hunger Strike With Bush-Era Talking Points” (Jason Leopold, Truthout, April 1, 2013)

“Over 100 Guantánamo Prisoners on Hunger Strike, Citing Threat of Return to ‘Darkest Days Under Bush.'” Video interview with CCR Senior Staff Attorney Pardiss Kebriaei (Democracy Now, March 13, 2013)

“As Gitmo Prisoners Revolt, Obama Administration Challenged on Indefinite Detention at OAS Hearing.” Video interview with CCR attorneys Pardiss Kebriaei and Omar Farah (Democracy Now, March 13, 2013)

Watch CCR’s President Emeritus Michael Ratner’s interview (The Real News Network, March 21, 2013) and CCR’s Senior Staff Attorney Pardiss Kebriaei’s interview (Huffington Post Live, March 26, 2013) about the hunger strike.

The Center for Constitutional Rights currently represents nine prisoners at Guantánamo, including Djamel Ameziane, Fahd Ghazy, Tariq Ba Odah, Mohammed Al-Hamiri, and Ghaleb Al Bihani. CCR has been responsible for organizing and coordinating more than 500 pro bono lawyers across the country in order to represent the men at Guantánamo, ensuring that nearly all have the option of legal representation. In addition, CCR has been working to resettle the men who remain at Guantánamo because they cannot return to their country of origin for fear of persecution and torture.

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