Demand Your Rights to Safe Access in Eureka – Deregulate Marijuana –

Demand Your Rights to Safe Access in Eureka – Deregulate Marijuana – Let
the Dispensary Ban Sunset




The “emergency” ban on medical marijuana dispensaries sunsets in early
November.  Call every member of the city council and DEMAND that the ban on
dispensaries be allowed to sunset, and thereafter that medical marijuana
dispensaries be allowed to be licensed in the city like any other legal
business without discrimination.

The city council in Los Angeles was FORCED to rescind its ban on
dispensaries  because the people down there got ORGANIZED AND GATHERED

Stand up for your rights!

Besides allowing legal and safe access to needed medicine, deregulation of
the medical marijuana business here in Eureka will quickly fill half a
dozen empty storefronts and industrial buildings and will provide good
employment for 50 or 60 people.

Call every city council person – they all represent you – and demand that
they do the right thing for mmj patients and the economic health of Eureka!

Remind them that if they do nothing – and let the dispensary ban sunset –
that the Feds can do nothing to them.  They cannot be prosecuted by the
Feds for something they haven’t done.

Remind them that they cannot discriminate against legal dispensary
businesses – to do so is to invite expensive antidiscrimination lawsuits
that WILL  BE LOST just like so many recent lawsuits against the city!

When you contact your city council person be civil, but be firm!

Marian Brady (707) 441-4169<>

Linda Atkins (707) 441-4168<>

Mike Newman (707) 441-4170

Melinda Ciarabellini  (707)  441-4167

Lance Madsen (707) 441-4171


have a peaceful day,


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