Indigenous Resistance Movie Night hosted by the Rhizome Infoshop! Eureka 4/26/13

Indigenous Resistance Movie Night hosted by the Rhizome Infoshop!

Friday APRIL 26th, 7PM

@ The Ink Annex – 47B W 3rd Street, Eureka

COCONUT REVOLUTION (Solidarity South Pacific, 2001)
The movie tells the story of the successful uprising of the indigenous peoples of Bougainville Island against the Papua New Guinea army and the mining plans of the mining corporation Rio Tinto Zinc (RTZ) to exploit their natural resources. The documentary reveals how the Bougainville Revolutionary Army (BRA) managed to overcome the marine blockade strategy used by the Papuan army by using coconut oil as fuel for their vehicles.

CARACOLES: NEW PATHS OF RESISTANCE (Chiapas Media Project, 2003)
A celebration of the death of the “Aguascalientes” and the birth of the Caracoles and the Good Government Assemblies. Zapatista leaders discuss how changes will affect internal political and economic processes, gender relations, and their relationship to international civil society. The video is an open call to join the Zapatista communities in their struggle for recognition of their autonomy and in their fight against neo-liberal economic policies and globalization.

$2 donation, no one turned away

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