A Sensible Proposal – Run Off Elections for Eureka City Council in June & November

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from Bill Holmes humboldt.organizer@gmail.com

A Sensible Proposal – Run Off Elections for Eureka City Council in June & November

I think we should consider changing the city council election system before the next election cycle.

We should implement a primary election for City Council in Eureka in June with a run off in November between the top two vote getters.

This is the way democracies operate in the modern world.

I know that this is not quite the ranked choice voting that the Greens support, but it is simple and it works even if its not so elegant a solution. With a top two run off (two round system) there will be no more spoilers in the Eureka Council elections, and I would think that both Democrats and Greens and independents would favor that.

I ask if possible for Linda Atkins to bring this simple proposal forward for the council to act upon now. If they fail to act I would be interested in anyone willing to circulate an initiative to implement this simple but much needed change to bring basic democracy to the Lost Coast. This could be a big tent effort for any lovers of small “d” democracy.

I think as an initiative it will be a very easy sell to the voters. It will be no problem getting signatures for it to qualify, given a crew of a dozen volunteers or so.

And just think, no more spoilers.

have a peaceful day,


A People’s Initiative for a
$12.00 An Hour Minimum Wage for Large Employers

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