Court Support May 7th! EPD Sued for Violation of Civil Rights!

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Suing Eureka Police for Violating Civil Rights During Occupy Eureka Protest: SUPPORT IN THE COURTROOM IS VITAL!!

Tuesday, May 7th  at 9:00am 2nd floor, Humboldt County Courthouse Courtroom #6 with visiting Judge Johnson

This email is similar to the last one about this with a few additions in bold:

Please support the civil rights lawsuits against the Eureka cops who  intimidated, hurt, stole from, incarcerated, and violated people during  the Occupy Eureka demonstrations!  Verbena is suing the cops in small  claims court for 3 separate arrests, massive theft, huge police attacks, for being arrested and jailed for FILMING, and being jailed for participating  in a demonstration.

The trials are to start on Tuesday.  Your support in the courtroom is vital.

Lawyers are pretty much prohibited in small claims, but the police and City defendants have had a cadre of lawyers with them (on our dime, of course)

Recently the cops represented that they have no police audio from the big November 7th raid of Occupy Eureka.  Eureka Frank Jager was supposed to give the audio to me (after he realized what that ALL officers had audio recorders running) and failed to give it to me before this weekend.

In the courtroom with Murl Harpham, Frank Jager, Officer Guy, Officer Liles, and Officer O’Neill, and the wretched lawyers that defend the police for abusing and killing– your support and lots of good people behind me in the courtroom makes a huge difference!  Please tell a friend who cares about civil rights, the right to video the police, the right to be FREE from abuse, police theft, incarceration, and INJUSTICE!

May 7th  at 9:00am

2nd floor, Humboldt County Courthouse

Courtroom #6 with visiting Judge Johnson.


Please remember that one must pass through a metal detector to come into  court.  No ID is required to enter.  Almost all courtrooms are on the  second floor.


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