Arcata PD and Humboldt State PD Sued for Police Brutality



via Times-Standard:

“A Fieldbrook man who alleges he was the victim of a “brutal” assault by Humboldt State University police is now seeking relief in Humboldt County Superior Court after his claims for damages were rejected by the CSU Chancellor’s Office and the city of Arcata.

Through his attorney Patrik Griego, Casey Arndt submitted an amended complaint with the court on May 17, alleging that he suffered injuries to his face, back, legs, arms, feet and hands during an assault initiated by Humboldt State University Police Department Officer Delmar Tompkins and involving numerous UPD and Arcata Police Department officers — including APD officers Jorge Sanchez and Vincent O’Conner — on Jan. 7, 2012.”

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One Response to Arcata PD and Humboldt State PD Sued for Police Brutality

  1. jp says:

    Why on earth did HSU hire this guy after such an event? well everyone deserves a second chance. So give him another gun and badge and he abuses the power again. Maybe the third time will be a charm when he shoots somebody. The dashcam video of his alleged beating victim won’t get released anytime soon as well.

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