Please Donate to PARC


Hi everyone,

Big thanks to the folks who have recently dropped off $$ to keep PARC going.  We are still well behind on how much we need for rent and bills this month (June and end of May bills). Also, we are in need of shoes and clean clothes and blankets. Please donate whatever you can.  We have to get back in the habit of asking for money again; we didn’t need to ask for a while, but now we really do!

Some of the things we’ve been working on:

-Publishing a list (growing all the time) of titles and authors that can be found in our book lending library, and a general list of the topics to which our pamphlets, periodicals, and magazines pertain.

-Active organizing with the Prisoner Hunger Strike Solidarity  Coalition. PARC volunteers will be staging informational demos in Arcata beginning  Saturday (6/8/13).  Also, we will call on you to join larger mobilizations to  amplify the voices of the prisoners who are entombed in concrete,  windowless cells, often for many years- based on decisions by prison  employees.  Prisoners living in the torture of long-term isolation/solitary confinement in Pelican Bay State Prison have called for a hunger strike and work stoppage to begin on July 8, 2013. Prisoners courageously have organized across race lines for Five (Human Rights) Demands, primarily, an end to long-term and/or indefinite solitary confinement, which is internationally recognized -and prohibited- as torture.  Some of these same men called for an “Agreement To End Hostilities” (which are predominantly racial) throughout prisons and jails in California

-Creation of a spectacular paper mache project for the upcoming “Big Box Bash”!  (more details soon!) On the weekend of the year anniversary of Walmart’s invasion into Humboldt, there will be a family-friendly event where kids and adults alike can help smash corporate culture!! (Save the date: June 15, 2013 in Eureka)

-Daily support for people coming to PARC (all ages): support includes food, clothes, computer and phone access, legal assistance, resources/assistance for obtaining benefits, lockers for safe property storage, use of a bathroom, tenants’ rights help, filtered water, a place to receive mail, some space for safe camping/sleeping, and generally a place to take a load off…  PARC is also dog-friendly which is important given that dogs are prohibited in so many places.

-Banner, sign, stencil, and flier-making for protests against Monsanto, to close Guantanamo, raise wages (Eureka Fair Wage Act), expose state violence and corruption, protect the forest around Strawberry Rock

-Sharing skills:  bicycles, computers, cooking, herbal healing …

If you can help us pay the rent and minimal other expenses, please send or drop off a money order, cash, or check.

To donate to PARC, please:
Address Money Orders to Kimberly Starr
Address Checks to James Decker
and Cash or any of the above can be mailed to:

P.O. Box 5692
Eureka, CA  95502

or dropped off at PARC between 9:30am and 9:30pm every day (directions below).  Please call first!
(707) 442-7465

All of PARC’s work, organizing and resources are volunteer and donation-based.

PARC is in the Q Street alley between 3rd and 2nd Streets, Eureka
From the south, go past the Eureka library on 3rd Street, go down 3rd Street toward the Samoa bridge, take a left on Q and a right into  the alley (There’s a green house at the head of the alley where you turn right)  Once in the alley, you will see (on the right) the PARC sign,  yard, carport, Mumia banner, “Close Gitmo” banner, and front door.
From north of Eureka, take a left onto Q Street from the 101  South (also called 4th Street).  Continue on Q Street for a quick moment after the 3rd and Q Stop sign, take a right in the alley. (There’s a  green house at the head of the alley where you turn right)   Once in the alley, you will see (on the right) the PARC sign, yard,  carport, Mumia banner, “Close Gitmo” banner, and front door.

Please stay strong, active, and aware.  Thanks for any contribution you can make


Repeat note about WEPAY,  the online donation transfer service we were  using.  It appears to be pulling a paypal trip on us.  Meaning, they are asking for “more information”- don’t know whether that means they will  require a government tax ID number or something official like that. We  don’t have one of those and we don’t operate as part of the non-profit  industrial complex (not saying that non-profits are bad, but the whole  non-profit system and the culture around it are problematic for  grassroots struggles and projects).  The WEPAY thing might be no  problem, but we don’t want to risk a frozen account (where you can put  money in, but they don’t us access it!)


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