The Truth About the NSA

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Here’s the truth about the NSA.

First of all they don’t read the secret communications of other world powers.  It doesn’t happen because all modern sophisticated organizations use one time pads for all comms where secrecy is essential, and cipher text created properly with one time pads cannot be decrypted.  Sure they might be reading North Korea’s comms because they no doubt are using software and hardware provided to them by the Russians thirty years ago, and they no doubt have been sold out ten times in the interim.   But the NSA is not reading Russian comms, British comms, Israeli comms, Japanese comms or anyone else with any sense because one time pads have been widely used since WWII.

So in terms of decrypting secret messages the NSA supercomputers are worthless pieces of junk, though expensive to buy of course.

That leaves traffic analysis.  Traffic analysis is useful in wartime because radio (or perhaps now Internet traffic) is analyzed for connections between points, which might lead to information on the locations of units or supplies, etc.   It is a valuable tool in wartime, but of limited value, because of course nation states and other serious players have learned how to obfuscate and hide some of this information, sometimes even purposely injecting disinformation into the data stream.

Individuals of course don’t have the knowledge or the resources to combat this data mining.  We are sitting ducks.  Why is the NSA doing this to us?  The NSA wants to grow.  It is basically an expensive jobs program for over the hill military warriors who get a fat salary and a cubicle for life.  The NSA on one level is just a bloated bureaucracy that  serves to prop up the military industrial complex that runs America.  Who pays for it?  You, the slaves, do.  On another level it is the arm of the police surveillance state.  Who benefits?  Large corporations and the military.

However much is being spent on this very expensive black budget program is simply being wasted on traffic analysis that has very limited effectiveness against real enemies in wartime but can easily ensnare innocent Americans under the guise of the phony GWOT.

Do I really need to point out that the “government”, in theory at least, has been “constituted” in order to PROTECT us from this kind of abusive attack on our privacy, not to CONDUCT such attacks upon us.   Really?


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One Response to The Truth About the NSA

  1. Forest Queen says:

    Excellent post. I’m mad at the NSA – my hard drive crashed and they won’t give me my back-up data. Perhaps because I didn’t pay for the air I’m breathing =^.^=

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