Support California Prison Hunger Strikers!

California prisoners are planning to go on  hunger strike this summer, beginning July 8.  Their history-making  strikes in July and September of 2011 brought national attention to the  horrors of solitary confinement. UN Special Rapporteur on Torture, Juan  Mendez, stated that any time over 15 days in solitary confinement  constitutes torture. Yet many people in California state prisons  have been encaged in solitary for 10 to 40 years!

Prisoner Hunger Strike Solidarity Coalition (PHSS) invites you to support the hunger strikers by signing this Pledge of Resistance:

“I will  take 1 action a week (an email, a phone call, a letter, a vigil, and/or  activating my network) in response to some specific emergency facing the hunger strikers, and in resistance to the torture.”

After each action, you will receive an ‘update’ indicating the results of your collective action.

Dear Friends and Allies,
Please circulate the Pledge of Resistance to your organizational members and your networks. The Pledge is one of many projects that the Prisoner Hunger Strike Solidarity coalition has initiated to support the hunger strikers this summer.
While the Pledge work team has already received nearly 150 Pledges, our goal is to get 1000 Pledges by near the beginning of the hunger strike.  That way collective responses to emergencies will really show the power of the people.
The Pledge of Resistance to support the hunger strikers is now available in two sources, and each source has a place to sign the Pledge. 
The first source is linked here with (CURB) Californians United for a Responsible Budget:
The second source is the flyer attached below. The email sign up for this source is 

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