Cheri Moore’s Killer Rumored to be Next EPD Chief…..

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Eureka Reportedly Offers Police Chief Job to Michael Johnson, Officer Involved in Fatal Cheri Lyn Moore Shooting

[…Johnson and Harpham fired their service weapons, hitting Moore nine times, the newspaper account continues.]

JUL 3, 2013 NCJ BLOG

The Anderson Valley Post is reporting that the job of Eureka’s next police chief has been offered to Michael Johnson, a former EPD sergeant who was involved in the fatal 2006 shooting of 49-year-old Eureka resident Cheri Lyn Moore.
Eureka City Manager Bill Panos yesterday confirmed that a job offer had been made but declined to identify the candidate. However, Anderson’s city manager and three city council members confirmed that Johnson has been offered the position, according to the Post. If you’re unfamiliar with — or have forgotten the details of — the 2006 shooting, you can read about them here and here. The Moore incident was one of five officer-involved shooting deaths in a 15-month span for the EPD. When former Eureka Police Chief Garr Nielsen was hired the following year, he was tasked with cleaning up the department’s reputation.
While Nielsen proved popular with much of the public, he met with fierce resistance within the department. In 2011, Nielsen was unexpectedly fired without cause by former City Manager David Tyson.
Johnson, meanwhile, left the EPD in 2007 to become the police chief in Ione, Calif. He has been Anderson’s police chief for a little over a year, according to the Post.

— Cheri Lyn Moore case: What the grand jury heard
John Driscoll/The Times-Standard 02/21/2008
Officer Rocky Harpham was the first man to enter the apartment, carrying a 12-gauge shotgun. Harpham testified that he moved in and saw Moore in the room with her back to him, and the weapon — the flare gun — sitting on a table or shelf. He yelled for her to put her hands up, he said. Moore turned around with a look of shock on her face, he testified.
”She picked up the weapon and she started to bring it up to where she could point it at the direction of myself and the rest of the team and when she started to bring the weapon across towards me that is — or towards where I was at, that is when I began firing,” Harpham testified.
Harpham said that he believed Moore would shoot him and that he had no other option but to shoot.
Harpham and officers  Mike Johnson, Rodrigo Sanchez, Tim Jones and Terry Liles were the officers who initially entered Moore’s apartment. None of them were indicted by the grand jury, and testified under protection of immunity in the proceedings.

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