Aug 8 & 9: Hunger Strike, MOVE, Cotton Day


Thursday, August 8, 2013 marks 35 years since the first huge Philadelphia police attack on the home of MOVE, a revolutionary environmental, animal rights, and social justice group. Police deluged  with strong fire hoses the basement where MOVE members, including children and babies were,  then shot thousands of rounds of ammunition into the MOVE basement, trying to kill everyone inside.


Thursday, August 8, 2013 also marks one month since prisoners throughout CA state prisons began a hunger strike to end the torture of long term solitary confinement.


Friday, August 9, 2013 marks 6 years since the Eureka Police beat Martin “Freddy” Cotton to death on the ground in front of the Eureka Rescue Mission.  Martin, an unarmed young man and caring father was, at the time, living on the streets and experiencing mental health issues.


Why are these dates  significant today, aside from what they teach us about the historical violence of the state? 


August 8 2013 is significant because MOVE people have been in prison since August 8th 1978, held as political prisoners, 35 years, for surviving what Philadelphia police hoped would exterminate the MOVE organization and refusing to denounce their beliefs.  MOVE is still strong, speaking truth, teaching by example, and fighting to get the MOVE 9 released.  Support MOVE, tell the Pennsylvania Parole board to release MOVE prisoners- Debbie, Chuck, Janet, Mike, Phil, Eddie, Janine, Delbert, and exonerate Merle, who died in prison 1998.


This August 8th, CA prisoners will have been hunger striking for 32 days, jeopardizing their lives so no one will ever again be locked in the insanity and torture of concrete windowless cells for decades.  Join on the Arcata Plaza, Thursday the 8th at 5pm for an informational demo and Rally in Solidarity with the striking prisoners and to Oppose torture.  5PM FOR THE 5 DEMANDS.  Stay updated at

August 9th is Cotton Day.  We remember Martin ‘Freddy’ Cotton.  We honor him by working for justice for people on the street, people targeted by police, and for people experiencing mental health crises.  The officers who beat Martin Cotton to death, Justin Winkle, Adam Laird, and Gary Whitmer are still Eureka Police officers, and they still abuse people.  On Friday August 9th, Cotton Day, we’ll commemorate Martin and demand the immediate expulsion of his killers from EPD.

Call Redwood Curtain CopWatch at 707-633-4493 for Cotton Day, MOVE and Prisoner Hunger Strike information.


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