Martin Cotton Won’t Be Forgotten. August 9th is Cotton Day.

Today, Friday August 9, 2013 marks 6 years since the Eureka Police beat Martin “Freddy” Cotton to death on the ground in front of the Eureka Rescue Mission.  Martin, an unarmed young man and caring father was, at the time, living on the streets and experiencing mental health issues.


August 9th is Cotton Day.  We remember Martin ‘Freddy’ Cotton.  We honor him by working for justice for people on the street, people targeted by police, and for people experiencing mental health crises.  The officers who beat Martin Cotton to death, Justin Winkle, Adam Laird, and Gary Whitmer are still Eureka Police officers, and they still abuse people.  On Friday August 9th, Cotton Day, we’ll commemorate Martin’s life and demand the immediate expulsion of his killers from EPD.


Please meet up outside Eureka Natural Foods at 3:00pm.  At 3:30pm we will be at the corner of Wabash and Broadway, visible.
See some photos and fliers from past events:
Listen to the Cotton Day song:
See you soon. Contact Redwood Curtain Copwatch for more info: (707) 633-4493


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One Response to Martin Cotton Won’t Be Forgotten. August 9th is Cotton Day.

  1. Forest Queen says:

    truly would like to be there Bill.

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