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As you’ve probably heard, plans are barreling through Sacramento that will expand California’s prison system and raid funds that were promised to education and social services.

Brown’s plan to drastically expand the prison system just passed with the entire Assembly Budget Committee voting in favor.

We need to stop it now.

So we’re taking out a full-page ad in the Sacramento Bee showing just how massive opposition is.

And we need your signature on it.

Californians United for a Responsible Budget has convened a remarkable coalition to fight this sneak-attack on our future. Yesterday alone, we sent over 10,000 messages to the Governor and Legislature.

But we have to make ourselves more visible to win this one. We need a plan that releases prisoners, restores cuts, stops prison expansion, and refuses to extend the court’s deadline. The whole point of this ad is to amplify our voices, and make it harder for these horrible plans to go ahead in spite of what Californians really want.

It’s going to take a massive display of public opposition to turn the tide – and the next step is to get as many signatures as possible onto this ad.

Californians already agree with us. Poll after poll after poll show that Californians prioritize education spending over prisons.  That we want to invest our fragile budget surplus in social services.  And that we want to reverse the last 30 years of prison boom – not lock into another round. 

Please click here to add your name to the list of Californians who refuse to let this enormous prison boom pass.


Emily Harris and Diana Zuñiga  Californians United for a Responsible Budget

P.s. Your organization can also sign on here!


Education, Health and Human Service and Criminal Justice advocates from across California are fighting back! Californians United for a Responsible Budget is working with the California Partnership,, PICO California, ACLU, California Families to Abolish Solitary Confinement, Friends Committee on Legislation California, 9 to 5 Working Women, California Coalition for Women Prisoners, CAPPA Children’s Foundation, American Friends Service Committee, Ella Baker Center for Human Rights, A New PATH, FACTS Education Fund, Families to Amend California’s Three Strikes, Fair Chance Project, San Francisco Bay View National Black Newspaper, Sin Barras, Critical Resistance LA, Critical Resistance Oakland, Lutheran Office of Public Policy- California, Communities United for Restorative Youth Justice, Justice Not Jails, California Latinas for Reproductive Justice, Women’s Council of the CA Chapter of the National Association Of Social Workers, SJRA Advocate, BANANAS, Child Care Links and more.

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