First Tuesdays! Human Rights Awareness Monthly

forwarded from Jim Paquin


First Tuesdays!  Human Rights Awareness Monthly

Every 1st Tuesday, Eureka Courthouse, 12-3pm

A monthly * Rally * Demonstration * Teach-in * Protest *  that will encourage groups and individuals to come together and share information, resources and support.

Human Rights includes Education, Housing/Homeless Rights, Health Care, Prisoners’ Rights, Immigrants’ Rights,

Ist Amendment Rights, LBGT Rights, Women’s Rights, Tribal Rights, Voting Rights and Earth Rights. Let’s get it Right!

Bring tables to share your info, chairs, signs, banners. Bring a lunch. Free coffee & good music.

Also, see Human Rights Awareness Monthly Episode 2 “No Where To Go”playing on Access Humboldt and YouTube:

Learn more about the Austerity Lies and let’s work on solutions that benefit us all. Budget cuts imposed by the ruling elite are hurting all of us.

Fiscal Cliffs, Budget Deficit Distractions and Sequestrations are simply lies and distortions used to keep us from addressing the gross inequalities and greed of the 1% and  their Banksters and Politicians. Until we get fair taxes on the $Trillions in off-shore accounts, tax Wall Street transactions, have accountable Military Spending and close Corporate tax loopholes, we will continue the decline into devastating poverty and planetary destruction. (100 million Americans living in or near poverty!)  If not me, who? If not now, when?

Great article:

Be a part of the Global Anti-Austerity Movement. A more just, compassionate world is possible. It’s up to all of us,

the 99%, to stand up and speak out against this economic injustice, the 1%. It’s up to us to expose/oppose Wall Street

and create a World Of the People, By the People, For the People. New Priorities Now! It’s Our Money!

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60 something ya. Libertarian Socialist, community activist, writer and troubador.
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