Answer to Rob Arkley

This is my satire/take off of the abusive and over the top opines of  the silver-spooned, obnoxious self-proclaimed King, Rob Arkley. This reality is Very Truly Ours.   ~Verbena (707) 442-7465

Dear All,

Our County and City, on land violently seized from the Wiyot, Yurok, Hupa, Mattole, and Wailaki,  has been taken over by greedy, selfish, short-sighted developers, “businessmen,” real estate agents and bankers.  Many of the policies being pursued and enforced by our County and City governments are to please the likes of gluttonous, predatory, exploitative, spoiled brat Arkley, and much of our tax money goes to Rob Arkley’s projects (parking lots, etc) so that he and his pompous, money-grubbing, spoiled family can stay rich.  Rob and Cheri Arkley actually encourage policies that violate human rights, regularly use political bribes, and helped the City secretly bring in Walmart to come here and stay here.  Arkley’s  food, showers, clothes, and many perks, decadent well beyond the means of the average resident of the U.S., all come from the exploitation of poor people worldwide.  Arkley found Louisiana attractive due to the grave tragedies that Hurricane Katrina brought to many thousands of people, and has used lax restrictions on corporations and free-trade policies to exploit the people and land in Louisiana and to pursue capitalist ventures that threaten life right here. Clearly, his support of the George Bush right is wrong.  Arkley wants Humboldt to be open as a corporate Mecca, and we all will pay the price, not Arkley.  We all will pay with our lives, our poverty, the destruction of the rivers, forests, our children’s futures, small ethical businesses, and our culture in general.  Arkley and his 1% ilk are completely un-self-sustaining, relying on third world peoples’ (here and abroad) to do all their work; deal with their toxic waste; build their roads; pay for their politicians; make their restaurant food; deal with their excrement, toxic supplies and garbage; park their vehicles; slave to make their clothes and cars; school their children; pay their corporate subsidies; grow their food; slaughter their meat; and fight in their politicians’ wars, as if every rich-man luxury is  “our” responsibility.  Health and environmental issues arise from Arkley’s outrageously spoiled destructive behavior, and health and environmental issues will arise for generations to come from the plan he supports to expand Highway 101 through ancient redwoods, and from his influence on the City of Eureka, the County of Humboldt, and the North Coast Co-op. The general public is not comfortable with Arkley’s dangerous antics, while he and the politicians he funds, attempt to privatize EVERYTHING that should belong to, and be enjoyed by, all of us.

The frog in the boiling water will jump out before its end, and the people of this County and City (and the world) will rid ourselves of nasty, inhumane greedy behaviors from the likes of Arkley before those behaviors destroy everything.  It has gotten to the point where everybody knows that rich bankers and developers (i.e. Arkley) are a huge problem, but it takes time (while we struggle to survive) and persistence to once and for all  unburden ourselves of bankers and developers who care for no one and nothing, only for control and the dollar.  All of our local small businesses are being negatively impacted by Arkley’s ventures.  It is difficult to attract people to Eureka while Arkley and the politicians he supports keep changing the rural landscape to an impoverished Walmart city.  Who wants to interview for a job that can’t even pay for an apartment?  Why should we continue to allow Arkley, a greedy business owner/banker who wants to own the beautiful area here, to turn it all into developed real estate and trash it for his avaricious self-interest?

I think that it is time for us to get together and move on our consensus on how to stop Arkley’s attempt to control our home and kick many out of theirs. Specifically, I would like to expose the politicians that  can be cut to reduce the number of crooked deals and long term problems they create for the people here.  Arkley does not consider it dire that people of all ages go without food, shelter, water, healthcare, education, basic necessities, and freedom from harassment, but instead Arkley believes his private businesses and a few rich households are all that matter. We would all be better off without the crime, environmental damage and costs borne by the public that Arkley causes.  It is easy to see the heavy negative impacts of Arkley’s program of rich-spoiled-Walmart- George Bush- war-lovin’- develop-every-inch  intrusions on local business and quality of life for the community.

Folks, let’s take our area back and get rid of our elected officials that invite and perpetuate overall negative impacts on all of us by making deals to “help” Rob Arkley, and ignoring the needs of almost all local people.  I have no doubt that the benefits to all of us by rejecting Arkley’s schemes will include a loosening of the yoke of poverty from around our necks so we can share dignified healthy lives for generations to come.

Arkley and his plans cause problems that are some of the most pressing issues that our area faces.


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60 something ya. Libertarian Socialist, community activist, writer and troubador.
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