Sacramento Rally for Prison Hunger Strikers

During their historic 60-day hunger strike, California prisoners were able to endure incredible violence from prison administrators and garner international support for their cause. As a result, on October 9, California’s Public Safety Committee will hold the first of several promised hearings to address and take action around solitary confinement and human rights abuses in California prisons.  Former prisoners, loved ones, lawyers, experts and advocates will testify before the legislature and rally with the people.
These Public Safety hearings provide a key opportunity for us to take the next steps toward ending solitary confinement.  Mobilize, rally and continue to stand in solidarity with the Hunger Strikers! Continue the fight to win their demands!
“We will be with the prisoners in the courts, in the legislature, and out in the community.  We will use every venue available to us, until the torture is ended.”
– Marie Levin of the Prisoner Hunger Strike Solidarity Coalition, sister of Pelican Bay SHU Hunger Striker Sitawa Jaama
Rally at the West Side of the Building.
Bring signs and art to make the rallies visually stunning!  Self-care and community-care: Bring a lawn chair if you want to rest at the rally and some water/snacks to stay healthy.
We are organizing carpools from the East Bay.  Need a ride?  Have a car and can offer rides?  Please RSVP to Tynan@curbprisonspending by Monday, October 7.  Carpools will leave from MacArthur BART in Oakland at 9:30am on Wednesday.
Carpools are also leaving from LA. For more information check back here and/or follow us on Twitter  @CAHUNGERSTRIKE.

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