Three Proposed Initiatives for Eureka

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Here is a proposal for three initiatives for Eureka this year.   One to improve the economy, one to improve and modernize the Eureka Police Department, and a third to modernize Eureka City Council elections and bring them into the current century.

The first initiative will create a tax on vacant storefronts in Eureka.   Have you noticed how blighted the commercial districts of Eureka are?  There is a reason for this.  The free market has been perverted.   A tax on vacant store fronts will restore the balance of the free market and invigorate the local economy.   Think of it as a sin tax, akin to taxes on cigarettes.   Empty storefronts are bad for the Eureka economy.   This is not a tax designed to raise revenue.   Actually, the more successful it is, the lower the revenues will be.   What needs to be determined is the most effective level of taxation to accomplish our goal.

The second initiative will be an ordinance requiring all new hires in the Eureka Police Department to have  a four year liberal arts degree from an accredited college or university.    This should have happened years ago,

The third initiative will institute instant run off voting for Eureka City Council elections.    The current first past the post system is anti-democratic and is designed to keep the good old boys in power and it is time to scrap it.   Its time for some real democracy in Eureka.

Obviously over the next year my personal main energy must remain with the Eureka Fair Wage Act campaign.   I want to see other people come forward and work with these ideas for positive change in Eureka.   I will help kick start them and then you will take them over.   We need to do this.  I will meet in Eureka with anyone interested in these initiatives.   CITIZEN DEMOCRATIC ACTION WORKS!


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