Fundraising Season – Host A Small House Party!

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Hi Everyone,

It is fund raising season again and I would like to raise some funds for my friends at PARC, People’s Action for Rights and Community here in Eureka.

So between now and New Year’s I want to do some house party fund raisers for PARC.

If you would like to support the vital community work and activism that radiates from PARC you can host a neighborhood house party.

Invite 15 or more of your friends and neighbors to your house (or other reasonable venue) and I will come and give you two hours of my best acoustic eclectic singing. Here is a link to my music page: You may have to provide me transport to and from.

Listen to and or download “Free the Weed”

This can be completely acoustic or amplified acoustic as your needs require. I can be loud enough to be enjoyed but not so loud as to anger your neighbors.

I will ask Verbena and the other PARCers to come and sit with you and speak for a few minutes about the work that is being done at PARC, and the work that needs to be done in our community.

I am just looking for a roughly 10 dollar or more contribution from each attendee. So roughly 150 bucks + for the party. Obviously some attendees may not have money and some may be able to donate a bit more. It is all good. But we will have a good time even if we fall short.

For me its a win win. I enjoy singing and I enjoy helping my friends at PARC.

You and  your friends can enjoy a special and memorable day or evening.  You supply the venue and the food and beverage and I will supply the music.  We can enjoy life and strengthen our community together.

I will also do fund raisers gratis for other movements, campaigns and organizations, contact me:

Bill Holmes

Here is a link to my music page:

Listen to and or download “Free the Weed”

OH and if you want some live music for your harvest party, email me. I love harvest parties!

have a peaceful day,


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60 something ya. Libertarian Socialist, community activist, writer and troubador.
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