Anti-GMO Initiative Filed in Humboldt County

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“As of Friday, November 1, we’ve filed our ordinance with the County.  We’ll be able to start collecting signatures soon.  In the meantime, we’re announcing a big new fundraising initiative: We’re aiming to raise $10,000 by New Year’s Day!

What do we need this money for?  Running a campaign can be expensive.  We need to pay required newspaper fees, print petitions, print fliers, buttons, stickers and t-shirts for our volunteers, and more.  It all adds up pretty fast!

Please click on the Donate tab and contribute today.  And if you spread the word to friends, family, local businesses and organizations, too, we’ll make our goal in no time!


We’re receiving donations from local farmers, businesses, and individuals from all walks of life.  We’re a local, grassroots group, and chances are good that you know some of our supporters.  They’re your friends and neighbors, the businesses you patronize and the organizations you know and love.  We appreciate each and every one of them.

In our ongoing fundraising drive, special thanks today go to Paul Giuntoli of Warren Creek Farm.  Paul is a long-time organic farmer in both Arcata and Blue Lake.  Thanks, Paul, for your generous donation!

Farmers, if you haven’t supported us already, follow Paul’s lead and give what you can!”


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