Support People’s Activism!

It’s “holiday” time.  So that not only means lots of you are gathering (and gorging out) with  families, friends, and loved ones, but you’re being bombarded with “Buy This, Buy That.”  What a better way to give the finger to hyper-materialism and put a little money ($20?) to something meaningful and long-lasting– PARC!  Spread the word and take up a collection.
PARC is working for higher wages in Eureka; providing safe sleeping space in this cold weather; giving out blankets, clothes, shoes and tents; supporting people who are forced to go through the criminal in-justice system; struggling to end long term solitary confinement as part of the Prisoner Hunger Strike Solidarity Coalition;
sharing food;
navigating bureaucracies (when necessary) for people to get assistance;

and doing a million other things to build informed, caring, community; defend human and Earth rights; grow rebellion; and take care of each other.

Why spend your money on frivolous stuff?  PARC needs some seasons’ gleanings!

Please donate for RENT, BILLS, LAUNDRY, and SUPPLIES.
We can only function through your donations.
Thank You and take care, Verbena
Big, best wishes and blessings to Coffee Jim who is right now struggling to survive from burns all over his body.
_______________________________________________________ To donate to PARC, you can: Come by and drop off cash (or call & we’ll come to you!) Address Money Orders to Kimberly Starr Address Checks to James Decker and/or mail any of the above to:
PARC P.O. Box 5692 Eureka, CA  95502
Peoples’ Action for Rights and Community is open between 9:30am and 9:30pm every day (directions below).  Please call first in case we’re out doing stuff on the street. (707) 442-7465
Directions to PARC, in the Q Street alley between 3rd and 2nd Streets, Eureka From the south, go past the Eureka library on 3rd Street, go down 3rd Street toward the Samoa bridge, take a left on Q and a right into  the alley (There’s a green house at the head of the alley where you turn right)  Once in the alley, you will see (on the right) the PARC sign,  yard, carport, Mumia banner, “Close Gitmo” banner, and front door.
From north of Eureka, take a left onto Q Street from the 101  South (also called 4th Street).  Continue on Q Street for a quick moment after the 3rd and Q Stop sign, take a right in the alley. (There’s a  green house at the head of the alley where you turn right)   Once in the alley, you will see (on the right) the PARC sign, yard,  carport, Mumia banner, “Close Gitmo” banner, and front door.

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60 something ya. Libertarian Socialist, community activist, writer and troubador.
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