Anarchist Book Fair – TODAY – Manila

The Humboldt Anarchist Bookfair (1611 Peninsula Dr, Manila, CA) on  Saturday December 14th features a full day of workshops on a variety of  topics, guest speakers, and great deals on independent and hard-to-find  books and zines. Bring your kids to play at the Kid’s Corner and enjoy  some delicious local food while meeting people who are working to make  our community and the world a more revolutionary place.

The 6th Humboldt Anarchist Bookfair on Saturday December 14th is Saturday, 10am to 6pm! Here’s a peek of some of the authors who will be  speaking at this awesome event:

Iain Boal is author of *West of Eden: Communes and  Utopia in Northern California,” a book that explores the deep historical roots of collective life on rural communes of Mendocino and Sonoma, as  well as communal households of the Black Panthers in Oakland, and the  Native American occupation of Alcatraz

James Davis is an Irish writer and film maker based  in California. He is co-author of “Catastrophism,” a book that explores  the politics of apocalypse on the left and right—and examines why the  lens of catastrophe can distort our understanding of the dynamics at the heart of these numerous disasters—and fatally impede our ability to  transform the world. His documentary films include Meeting Room, Safety  Orange, and Autonomy and a Song.

Peter McCoy is co-founder of Radical Mycology, a movement and social philosophy based on accessibly teaching the importance of mushrooms and other fungi for personal, societal, and ecological health.

Radical Mycology is based on the belief that the lifecycles of fungi and their interactions in nature serve as powerful learning tools for how humans can best relate to each other and steward the world they live in.

Check out this video for more info, or click here for Radical Mycology’s introductory zine.

Booksellers and organizations that will be at the Humboldt Anarchist Bookfair include:

  • PM Press
  • AK Press
  • Slingshot Magazine/Organizer
  • People’s Action for Rights and Community
  • Women’s Resource Center
  • Rhizome Infoshop
  • Arcata Pirate Radio
  • Greenfuse
  • Black Riders Liberation Party
  • Industrial Workers of the World
  • Raven Project
  • Redwood Curtain Copwatch
  • Food Not Bombs
  • Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence
  • Giant Squid Print Collective
  • Community Bike Kitchen (bring your bike and learn to fix it!)
  • Emma Center
  • Little Black Cart
  • Sacramento Prisoner Support

Here’s the workshop schedule:
Workshop Room 1
12:00 pm Ninason: Yurok Special Places with Jene  McCovey: Yurok Elder speaks about Yurok tradition, ceremony, and special places 1:00 pm Radical Mycology with Peter McCoy 2:00 pm Radical Mycology continued 3:00 pm Organized Labor panel: IWW members and local Eureka waterfront,  nursing, construction and grocery workers discuss experiences working  and organizing on the job 4:00 pm Regional Earth Defenders panel: discussion with Umatilla  megaload anti-fracking acitvists, Cascadia Forest Defense, Will and  Warbler from Little Lake Valley (threatened by Willits Bypass), and  local Strawberry Rock tree-sitters from Trinidad. Bring some questions  for Q+A! 5:00 pm Catastrophism: The Apocalyptic Politics of Collapse and Rebirth with author James Davis
Workshop Room 2
12:00 pm Sacramento Prisoner Support: Marie Mason and Eric McDavid update, and how to more effectively grow a culture of resistance that can breach the prison walls and sustain the activist community long term 1:00 pm Building Solidarity for Prisoners’ Struggle to End Torture in CA Prisons 2:00 pm Dismantling Patriarchy discussion 4:00 pm West of Eden: Communes and Utopia in Northern California with  author Iain Boal explores the deep historical roots of collective life  on rural communes of Mendocino and Sonoma, as well as communal  households of the Black Panthers in Oakland, and the Native American  occupation of Alcatraz  5:00 pm Black Riders Liberation Party from Oakland
FREE TO ALL! Please donate generously.
P.S. We’re gonna smash a symbol of patriarchal oppression at the Afterparty at the Ink Annex in Eureka.
Bus times: Departs Arcata 9:20 am. Next bus leaves Manila to Arcata at 6:15 pm. Departs 5th and D Eureka @ 9:48 am, leaves manila to Eureka at 5:30 pm.
From Eureka: Take 255/Samoa Bridge and go right towards Arcata. Turn Left on Peninsula Drive, Manila Community Center is .5 miles on your left
From Arcata: Go south on 255/Samoa Blvd for 3 miles. After you pass Lupin, take a right on Pacific Ave (becomes Peninsula Dr). Manila Community Center will be on your right

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