Help PARC Help the People!

Greetings and Salutations Y’all,


So it’s that time of the month once again when the P.A.R.C. office needs your financial contributions to help keep it going!


The P.A.R.C. office is a multi-faceted space; telephones, free computer and Internet use, a book lending library, a free clothing and warm things closet, legal services, kitchen space, a clean bathroom, as well as some pretty comfy couches are made available to the public everyday from 9:30 am to 9:30 pm.


Furthermore, all sorts of organizing happens at this special little place.  People are found housing and safe places to sleep.  Strategizing for the Eureka Fair Wage Campaign happens on a regular basis.  Organizing to win the Prisoner Hunger Strikers’ 5 Demands, including a weekly informational demo to end long term solitary confinement.  Also, letters are written and sent to people being held in solitary confinement through the Prisoner Hunger Strike Solidarity Coalition.  Redwood Curtain Cop Watch fields all sorts of calls.  And at this very moment, as I am writing this email, some Trinidad Forest Defenders are talking out the details for a flyer to promote the Strawberry Rock Campaign. 


Just this past month, calls were made and letters were sent out of the P.A.R.C. office to demand the release of Lynne Stewart; she is now out!  Two people who are quite under the weather with some awful sickness are currently being nursed back to health.  People are being served delicious and nutritious vegan soup made by Eureka Food Not Bombs. A vigil was held in honor of Homeless Persons Memorial Day on December 21st.  Someone with no where else to go detoxed here, and someone else learned how to develop a file as a conscientious objector.  Advice and discussion about labor rights and too many other important things to mention happen at the P.A.R.C. office!


So if you can help chip in please do.  The P.A.R.C. office survives exclusively through the good will and solidarity of the community that it is a part of.



~Chives, someone who greatly benefits from the existence of the P.A.R.C. office


To donate to PARC, you can: Come by and drop off cash (or call & we’ll come to you!) Address Money Orders to Kimberly Starr Address Checks to James Decker and/or mail any of the above to:
PARC P.O. Box 5692 Eureka, CA  95502

(707) 442-7465

Directions to PARC, in the Q Street alley between 3rd and 2nd Streets, Eureka From the south, go past the Eureka library on 3rd Street, go down 3rd Street toward the Samoa bridge, take a left on Q and a right into  the alley (There’s a green house at the head of the alley where you turn right)  Once in the alley, you will see (on the right) the PARC sign,  yard, carport, Mumia banner, “Close Gitmo” banner, and front door.
From north of Eureka, take a right onto Q Street from the 101  South (also called 4th Street).  Continue on Q Street for a quick moment after the 3rd and Q Stop sign, take a right in the alley. (There’s a  green house at the head of the alley where you turn right)   Once in the alley, you will see (on the right) the PARC sign, yard,  carport, Mumia banner, “Close Gitmo” banner, and front door.

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