SATURDAY: Fight for a Homeless Bill of Rights

“We will not obey unjust laws or submit to unjust practices.” MLK Jr.

Up and down the west coast, communities are gathering together to participate in Homeless Bill of Rights Days of Action. On January 17th, 18th, and 19th, in cities from LA to Seattle, from Sacramento to San Jose, people are taking action to demand that “The Homeless Bill of Rights” be put into law. Some of the things this will do is ensure: the right to move freely, rest, sleep, and pray and be protected in public spaces without discrimination and the right to 24-hour access to “hygiene facilities.”

What: DAY OF ACTION for a California Homeless Bill of Rights
Where: Carson Park- H and Buhne, Eureka

When: Saturday, Jan 18th 2:00pm – 5:00pm

Who: Peoples’ Action for Rights and Community (PARC), Western Regional Advocacy Project (WRAP), organizations and individuals all over the west coast!

Snacks for the People!!

In Eureka we will be rallying and giving out information about the Homeless Bill of Rights from 2pm til 5pm at Carson Park. Join us at the corner of Buhne and H Streets, and stand with the Western Regional Advocacy Project and PARC in demanding humane treatment for every member of our communities.

[Carson Park also has a great gathering area at H and Carson which we can relax together at]

Call (707) 442-7465 for more information or go to

Fight for a Homeless Bill of Rights.


Homeless Bill of Rights Campaign Summary pdf

Homeless Bill of Rights Fact Sheet pdf

Homeless Bill of Rights Hoja de Hechos pdf

HIstorical criminalization Fact sheet

This Campaign Would & Would Not pdf

Homeless Bill of Rigths Day of Action Flyers
Street outreach fact sheet


“What America’s Most Vulnerable Need: A Bill of Rights for the Homeless”

“Do You Ignore Homeless People?”

“2 Years in Jail for Sitting on a Milk Crate? The Shocking Ways America Punishes Poor People Living on the Street (Hard Times, USA)”

“Old, Female and Homeless”

“Didn’t Work Then, Won’t Work Now”

“This Crow Won’t Fly”

“McKinney-Vento Turns 25 and Homelessness Continues to Grow!”


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