Meet the Candidate Town Halls Elan Firpo

From the “Redwood Progessive” listserve of Richard Salzman  wrote:

As most of you know by now, Paul Gallegos is not running for a fourth term as our District Attorney. You are likely well aware that prior to Paul’s tenure it was “business as usual” when it came to the M.O. of the Old Guard that controlled that office. Gallegos stopped the demonization of marijuana, instituting an orderly process for discerning Mom and Pop growers from industrial grows. Gallegos was also firm that he “worked with law enforcement, not for law enforcement” and he stopped the vendetta against activists. In this year’s election, the choice may come down to taking the county backwards by re-installing the Old Guard versus honoring the progress of the last twelve years and taking us forward.

Current Deputy District Attorney Élan Firpo is the candidate who will best honor the reforms the office has made under Gallegos, pursuing Justice, not Vengeance, and tackle the problems we face with justice and fairness as the goal. She is the only working prosecutor in the race and the only truly Independent candidate. Firpo is also the only candidate with a background in management. In her former career in the private sector Élan Firpo managed teams of engineers designing computer components and production facilities with over 2000 employees. Not content with working simply for monetary gain, she earned a law degree with the specific intent of becoming a prosecutor and giving back to the community.

These are the first in a series of Town Hall meetings where you can hear the candidate’s vision for the future of the District Attorney’s office and for her to hear your questions and concerns. Each Town Hall is scheduled to run from one to two hours and they are open to the public and the media.

If you can not make any of these public events listed below, reply to this email as there may be open seats at one of the numerous private house parties being held continually through out the county until election day, including the ones currently on the calendar being hosted by: Julie Fulkerson, Paul & Joani Gallegos or Jim Lamport. There will also be additional Town Halls scheduled shorty.

For more information, to volunteer, or to host a house party of your own, please contact Elan’s campaign manager: Jaison Chand <> 707.496-5368

Donations may be made online (and she’s going to need your financial support as her primary opponent is backed by The Deputy Sheriffs’ Organization, The EPD Association, as well as Rex Bohn and his well-heeled backers!)

TRINIDAD TOWN HALL: Sunday, March 9th, 2:pm,  Civic Room, 409 Trinity St. Trinidad, CA

ARCATA COMMUNITY CENTER: Sunday, March 16th, 2:pm,  Senior Dinning Rm, 321 Community Park Way, Arcata, CA

GARBERVILLE VETERANS BUILDING,  Friday, April 4th,  5:pm reception, 5:30 start,  483 Conger St, Garberville, CA

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One Response to Meet the Candidate Town Halls Elan Firpo

  1. Elan Firpo is just another number is the justice system without rhyme or reason. Just like Alan Dollison she has no clue on certain issues. The D.A.’s office doesn’t look at evidence as they should and miss the boat on very important items.

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