Tonight’s Planning Commission Meeting Cancelled – “Commissionitis”

From the “Redwood Progessive” listserve of Richard Salzman  wrote:


The special Planning Commission meeting schedule for tonight has been cancelled, due to a lack of quorum.  The next scheduled special meeting will be Thursday, February 27, 2014 and an agenda will be posted tomorrow.

Thank you,
Planning and Building Department
3015 H Street, Eureka CA 95501


“Lack of a quorum”, as in four of the seven Commissioners called in sick just a few hours before the meeting was set to start, and you can bet it was sick from fear of too many angry citizens turning up!

This is how these 4 planning commission members intend to treat you, the public.  They’ll make deals behind closed doors, hold serial meetings in violation of the Brown Act, and if they get wind that too many of you might show up in anger, they’ll cancel a meeting (which they’ve had on the calendar since January) two hours before it’s scheduled to being!

You can thank the Supervisor what made their appointment to the Planning Commission:

Rex Bohn   (Dtstrict 1  Appointed       Alan Bongio )

Estelle Fennell    (District 2  Appointed Robert Morris)

Virginia Bass (District 4       Appointed Kevin McKenny + Nominated at-large & fourth “sick” commissioner: Lee Ulansey)


The Commissioners not mysteriously sick today include the two appointed by:

Mark Lovelace <>
Ryan Sundberg <>

(you might want to thank them for picking commissioners in better health, and with a backbone!)


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