My Name is Sanchez, and PARC Saved My Ass

My name is Sanchez.  I have been doing volunteer work for P.A.R.C. for several months.  It is a resource I am happy to spend time at and a resource I myself use frequently.  Since I have arrived in Eureka and Found out where and what P.A.R.C. is, I have helped to organize a safe sleeping space.  We took people off the street and out of the cold when the temperatures were reaching record lows in the middle of winter.  These folks slept safe with their stomachs full of warm food the people at P.A.R.C. prepared for them.
We have organized an event for the Homeless Bill of Rights and again fed hungry people good food and spread awareness about the criminalization of poverty and the fact that several people die due to exposure in the winter months every year.

I recently dislocate my knee and was incapable of walking for two months.  I was on crutches, sometimes using a wheelchair, with no way of getting around to get food and meet other basic human needs.  The awesome people at P.A.R.C. took care of me for the entire time I was injured and immobile.  I honestly have no idea what I would have done, being homeless and over a thousand miles away from family, and no one to help me get the much needed rest required to heal properly and eat well.

Without P.A.R.C., I honestly believe I could have died.  The folks at P.A>R.C. made sure I got to my doctors’ appointment for my knee.  the people at P.A.R.C. made sure I had a safe place to sleep so I could get that much needed rest and medicinal  herbs to help me heal and healthy food so I could eat properly.

There are so many people who rely on P.A.R.C. in much of the same ways I did when I was injured and continue to rely on now.  The services that P.A.R.C. provides on a daily basis are absolutely essential for our community to move forward and have a substantial increase in community-oriented neighborhoods.
Every day of the year P.A.R.C is open to the public.  Whomever needs to organize an action or create flyers for an event, or just take a break from the cold wet weather– the P.A.R.C office is there, filled with amazing people who want to help for the sake of helping.

To donate to PARC, one can: Come by and drop off cash (or call & we’ll come to you!) Address Money Orders to Kimberly Starr Address Checks to James Decker and/or mail any of the above to:
PARC P.O. Box 5692 Eureka, CA  95502

Donations can also be send ONLINE with WePay.  This is the webpage where you can find the WePay button:

Or use this link:’ Action for Rights and Community is open between 9:30am and 9:30pm every day.  Please call first in case we’re out doing stuff on the street. (707) 442-7465

Directions to PARC, in the Q Street alley between 3rd and 2nd Streets, Eureka

From the south, go past the Eureka library on 3rd Street, go down 3rd Street toward the Samoa bridge, take a left on Q and a right into  the alley (There’s a green house at the head of the alley where you turn right)  Once in the alley, you will see (on the right) the PARC sign,  yard, carport, Mumia banner, “Close Gitmo” banner, and front door. From north of Eureka, take a right onto Q Street from the 101  South (also called 4th Street).  Continue on Q Street for a quick moment after the 3rd and Q Stop sign, take a right in the alley. (There’s a  green house at the head of the alley where you turn right)   Once in the alley, you will see (on the right) the PARC sign, yard,  carport, Mumia banner, “Close Gitmo” banner, and front door.
Please spread the word to more people

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