Blogging the 2014 Humboldt County 4th District Supervisor Elections

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Kerrigan for Supervisor Facebook:

Kerrigan Campaign site:

May 31 Eureka Fair Wage Act Kerrigan Interviewed on Fair Wages (Zack Thiesen)

May 31 Humboldt Activist  Kerrigan Interview w Zack Thiesen (Fair Wages in Humboldt)

May 31 Tuluwat Examiner New Bass Ad Exposes Crony Network

May 30 Humboldt Activist Kerrigan Video Drop

May 29 NCJ  Last minute endorsements

May 24  Humboldt Activist:  did eureka chamber of commerce just elect chris Kerrigan?

May 23 NCJ Campaign Finance report

May 23 Loco campaign finance report

May 22 Final pre election poll Humboldt polling

May 18 Humboldt Activist Mad River Rounders for Kerrigan event @ Siren Song

May 15 Eric Kirk Kerrigan ad

May 15 1 week flash poll Bass or Kerrigan?

May 15 Eureka Fair Wage Act Chris Kerrigan to speak at Fair Wage Café Sat. May 17 2:50 pm public and media invited, Labor Temple, 9th and E.

May 14 Humboldt Polls Rate Virginia Bass 1st Term Supervisor Performance

May 9 Humboldt Polls rate the Kerrigan ad:

May 9 Humboldt activist 1st Kerrigan video ad drop

May 8 tuluwat examiner join chris Kerrigan


May 8 John Chiv Humboldt Builders Exchange endorses Bass & Sundberg:

May 5 Humboldt polls 1 week flash poll Kerrigan or bass

Apr. 30 1 week flash poll Bass or Kerrigan?

Apr. 25 LOCO One on one with Virginia Bass

Apr 23 Rate Virginia’s Virgin Voter Ad

Apr. 23 Humboldt Activist/ Highboldtage Whats on Virginias Mind?

Apr 22 Humboldt Activist Bass Circus Cannon Little Load of Feathers

apr. 22 loco Virginia bass video drop

apr 22 Humboldt activist one on one with Kerrigan

apr 21 1 Humboldt Polling 1 week flash poll Bass or Kerrigan?

apr 21 Rhody parade with Kerrigan

apr 21 LOCO one on one with Kerrigan

Apr 21  One on one with Chris Kerrigan KHUM

Apr. 18 Kerrigan endorsed by UFCW United Food and Commercial Workers Union Local 5

Apr. 12 Bill Holmes Endorses Kerrigan

apr. 11 Kerrigan endorsed by Central Labor Council

apr 10 tuluwat examiner matt owen screwed you

apr 10 chiv no endorsement

Apr. 5 Humboldt Activist audio of Kerrigan/Bass/Kevin Hoover/HSU

Apr 3 Eric Kirk Kerrigan events

Mar 22 Coalition for Grassroots Progress Endorses Chris Kerrigan:

Mar. 22 LOCO questions for Chris Kerrigan:

Mar. 22 LOCO questions for Virginia Bass

Mar 22 Kerrigan HQ Announcement

Mar 17 Humboldt Activist Kerrigan Campaign Seeks Support

March 17 Humboldt Sentinel DowTowner

Mar 16 Virginia Bass Attempts Damage Control in Eurekas First Ward Eyesore Controversy

Mar 16 Virginia Bass deals with the Downtowner problem

mar 14 north coast journal Virginia Bass email exposes influence of money

Mar. 13 North Coast Journal “and they’re off”

Mar 8 Kerrigan Excites tuluwat examiner

Mar. 7 KMUD radio news Daniel Mintz

March 7 KIEM TV3

March 7 Lost Coast Outpost Kerrigan’s Launch

Mar. 7 Democratic Humboldt First Up To Us Now

Mar. 6.  Kerrigan to make formal announcement

msr 6 tuluwat examiner Its On

mar 6 Kerrigan to make it official

Mar. 3  SoHum Parlance

Mar 3.  Lost Coast Outpost.  Kerrigan makes it almost official.

Feb 28 Mad River Union

Feb 28  Highboldtage Kerrigan Pursues Dual Strategy

Feb 27 Sohum Parlance Virgnia Bass Campaign Annoucement

Feb 27 Liberal Humboldt

Feb 6 SamoaSoftball Bass Announces

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