Blogging the Humboldt County 5th District Supervisor Election

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mnemonic link here

Sharon Latour’s facebook

May 23 Humboldt Polls Final pre election poll

May 23 NCJ Campaign Finance report

May 23 Times Standard Humboldt Green Party endorses Sharon Latour

May 23 Loco campaign finance report

May 15 Humboldt polls flash poll

May 15 Humboldt Activist Latour in Mactown meet and greets

may 8 Sharon latour coffee chats Humboldt activist

may 8 Humboldt Polls 1 week flash poll sundberg v latour

May 8 John Chiv Humboldt Builders Exchange endorses Bass & Sundberg:

may 2, Two Rivers Tribune  Candidates talk jobs and marijuana and more

Apr. 24  KHUM One on One with Sharon Latour

Apr. 21 John Chiv Sundberg endorsed by Wesley Chesbro

apr 13 ts meet your candidate Ryan Sundberg

Apr. 10 I endorse Sharon Latour

Apr 10 Humboldt Activist endorses Latour

Apr 10 john chiv hdcc endorses Latour

Mar 20 via Ryan Burns:

Mar. 22  LOCO Questions for Ryan Sundberg

Mar. 22.  LOCO Questions for Sharon Latour

Mar 20 LoCo Latour kick off (video)

Mar. 20 Chiv Sharon Latour campaign focus on GPU

Mar. 17 Eric Kirk LaTour Campaign to kick off Thursday

Mar. 13 North Coast Journal “and they’re off”

Mar. 3

John Chiv

Lost Coast Outpost:  Rev. Sharon Latour of McKinleyville to run against Sundberg.

Interview 2010 with Rev. Sharon LaTour

Ryan Sundberg Interviewed by Charles Douglas 2010 (last election cycle)

Pt. I Post primary

Pt. II Post Primary


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