California Is Expanding Reproductive Rights and Health Services – Eureka On the Front Lines

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via MSNBC:

California is friendly terrain for reproductive rights, but it’s also enormous. The nurse practitioner in Eureka knew what Weitz was talking about firsthand. “What we see here in Humboldt County is what a lot of the rural areas in California see – it’s hard to get and retain health practitioners,” she told msnbc. “There is a shortage especially in primary care, and up in Humboldt, we are it.”

One day, a patient had called about her appointment for a first-trimester abortion with a doctor at the Eureka clinic. “The people that were supposed to give her a ride had had their car impounded, so she had no transportation,” the nurse practitioner recalled. “She couldn’t get here that day and she was going to go over the line, time-wise.”

Until the nurse practitioner was added to the daily ranks, the Eureka clinic only had a doctor who would come one day a week to provide abortions up to 13 weeks and six days.


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