Update on Prison Hunger Strike Solidarity

via Redwood Curtain Copwatch:

The Prisoner Hunger Strike Solidarity Coalition recently decided  to send more frequent updates on the progress of our movement.  Here is  the first.

[Also, if you are in the Humboldt region, please remember that we are on 3rd and F Streets every Thursday for 5 PM FOR THE 5 DEMANDS. We set up an informational demo with audio and lots of literature, talk with people.  If you are new to getting these emails, I will be happy to send you some great background videos, articles, etc.  ~Verbena]

Prisoner Hunger Strike Solidarity Coalition WEEKLY MEETINGS:

Every Monday night in Oakland there are coalition meetings.
The sole purpose of the Prisoner Hunger Strike Solidarity Coalition is to amplify the voices of California prisoners as they strive to achieve their Five Core Demands. The Coalition consists of family members, formerly incarcerated people, lawyers, organizations, and individuals who stand in solidarity with the hunger strikers. This weekly meeting focuses primarily on planning, promoting and reporting on actions and events directly related to the struggle for the Five Demands (primarily, to end long term solitary confinement), including prisoner updates and legal and media strategies and reports.
If you are interested in participating in a Monday night meeting, please contact the Welcoming & Outreach Committee at  510-863-0477  or    PHSSReachingOut@gmail.com

OAKLAND FIRST FRIDAYS, next one is April 4th!

Outreach to End Long Term Solitary Confinement: The Prisoner Hunger Strike Solidarity Coalition is planning to display the model SHU cell at First Fridays, pass out literature, and keep an open mic for speaking out about the torture of long term solitary confinement. 

If you want to help set up the model SHU (and then dismantle it) or otherwise participate in the outreach at First Friday, please contact folks at the Prison Activist Resource Center (PARC, Oakland),  510-893-4648.

Thursday, April 3rd Administrative Hearing by the CDCr (California  Department of Corrections and rehabilitation) regarding its planned  change of regulations to codify the Security Threat Group rules and  permanently implement the Step Down Program: There are many reasons prisoners and coalition members are opposed to the  Security Threat Group and Step Down Program (STG/SDP) regs becoming  policy in CA prisons.
The  CDCr is required to address, in its reports, every criticism submitted  by the public.  We would like to collectively cover the many  problems and concerns with the STG/SDP.  Soon, we will send a list of  such problems and request that you send in public comment about any or  all of them.  Comments must be submitted by April 3, 2014.  Below is  some pertinent information.
(from the CDCr) PUBLIC COMMENT PERIOD Any person  may submit written comments about the proposed regulations to the  California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, Regulation and  Policy Management Branch (RPMB), P.O. Box 942883, Sacramento, CA  94283-0001, by fax to (916) 324-6075, or by e-mail to  m_STGRegulation@cdcr.ca.gov. All written comments must be received by  the close of the public comment period on April 3, 2014, at 5:00 p.m.
PUBLIC HEARING INFORMATION A public hearing regarding these proposed regulations will be held Thursday, April 3, from 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM in the East End Complex Auditorium located at 1500 Capitol  Avenue, Sacramento CA.  The purpose of the hearing is to receive oral  comments about this action. It is not a forum to debate the proposed  regulations. No decision regarding the permanent adoption of these  regulations will be rendered at this hearing. Written or facsimile  comments submitted during the prescribed comment period are given the  same significance and weight as oral comments presented at the hearing. This hearing site is accessible to the mobility impaired.
Recent Media:
David Brooks on Solitary, New York Times “The Archipelago of Pain”


Angela Davis on Democracy Now! about Solitary Confinement, Immigration Detention and “12 Years a Slave”



Support the hunger strikers in their human rights movement!

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