From the Kerrigan Campaign

From: Chris Kerrigan <>

Thanks to so many of you we have a great start to this campaign! We are moving forward at a rapid rate. Last week we officially announced our candidacy. <> We had a great crowd of enthusiastic supporters too. All around town I am constantly getting offers of support and offers to volunteer. I believe it is going to help us build the best grassroots campaign Humboldt County has ever seen!

This election is so important for the future of Humboldt County. Special interests groups like HUM CPR have taken control our local politics and have drastically reversed our General Plan. In case you missed it you can read about it in this weeks North Coast Journal cover story. <

I have two asks for you this week. First, we are entering this race with ideas, momentum and vision but we are up against a tremendous amount of big money. The incumbent has raised over $60,000 prior to us even entering the race! That war chest doesn’t scare me however. I know we can win because we have beat the big money before – remember when Rex Bohn spent upwards of $150,000 to unseat me on the city council and failed! I need your help to close the gap. Our first campaign financial reporting deadline is tomorrow evening. I am asking you to make a contribution in the next 24 hours. Help us get our positive message and vision out to the voters! Please make a donation now: <>

This weekend we moved into our campaign headquarters at 427 F street, suite 212 (above the Sewell Gallery). This centrally located office will allow us to gather volunteers, host events, and effectively manage our growing campaign operations. We need your help furnishing our office! Tables, desks, computers, and phones are all items that would be much appreciated. If you can help us please contact Mitra Abidi at <>. Feel free to stop in and visit us, or volunteer to help too. (after hours and weekends the buildings front door may be locked so call up to Mitra at 273-6927 and she’ll come down and open the door).

I know we can win this race. I need your help to do so. The time has come for a new era in Humboldt County politics. One where ideas and innovation trump pessimism; and it’s not who you are, but what you can contribute to our community that matters. I look forward to representing all of you on the Board of Supervisors. Together, we will move Humboldt County forward!


Chris Kerrigan


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