Tuluwat Examiner

A new blog has come forward to enrich the Humboldt Blogosphere, the Tuluwat Examiner.

In a post here https://tuluwatexaminer.wordpress.com/2014/03/05/miniumum-wage-quotes/

The Tuluwat Examiner refers to the Humbolt Activist as “allies.”

To which I say I am flattered.  As soon as you tell me who you are I might be able to reciprocate.  Right now its like getting notes from a secret lover.  Its flattering but a bit creepy.

Really there is a place for anonymity in politics.  It does foster the sharper end of discourse.  But there is  a point where  for we people to move forward ideas, programs and policies, those ideas, programs and policies must have names and faces attached to them because they must be voted on and people won’t vote for candidates wearing masks.

I use anonymity myself but I try to keep it light.  This is your best approach when anonymous because your identity will be revealed eventually.  At least there is significant risk of it.

And I put my name to plenty of ideas, some of them are controversial.  It has to happen.  There have to be people like me.   So Tuluwat if you want me to “Ally” you back, please let us know your identity publicly.  I am ok with it if you don’t want to do that, its your blog.  You run your blog and I will run mine.

have a peaceful day,



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60 something ya. Libertarian Socialist, community activist, writer and troubador.
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