Apparent Double Homicide In Eureka Mar. 26, 2014

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An apparent double homicide in Eureka near St. Josephs on Harris st. last night.

update 10 am kiem releases victims name as Rick Storre, 64, 2nd victim still undisclosed.

from TS 2009

A police dog was used Monday night to subdue a man suspected of breaking into Eureka’s historic Ingomar Club with a long sword and a hatchet, allegedly damaging property worth thousands of dollars.

Authorities reported Vincent Earnest Sanchez, 23, was arrested at around 8 p.m., by Eureka police officers on suspicion on burglary, felony vandalism and resisting arrest.

According to Eureka Police Department Spokesman Lt. Murl Harpham, authorities were alerted to the alleged burglary by a witness who heard glass breaking on the property. A nearby K-9 officer, Sgt. Kay Howden, responded with her German shepherd, Tava.

Upon arrival, Harpham said, Howden noticed a truck parked on the street in front of the club and saw someone moving on the property. As she approached the man, she noticed light reflecting off something metallic in his waistband. Howden asked Sanchez what he had, and he responded “a sword and a hatchet,” Harpham said


previous  EPD suspect Vincent Sanchez.  This is starting to look like another *EPIC*  Humboldt County/Eureka law enforcement/ mental health system/ local court judicial system *CLUSTERFUCK*

TS facebook.

Loco:   suspect in custody


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