John Chiv

Here’s a shout out to Chiv, who I met on the streets of  Eureka the other night.

He is probably about 180 degrees opposite of my politics on many things but who knows.

He is active on the internet he has a blog here

I will commend him for having a blog with his name connected to it.  It is refreshing, and it is somewhat unusual around here to have names on blogs.  Most of the active political blogs are run by anonymous bloggers.   I am someone who believes that there is a place and a time for anonymity in political discourse.   It almost has to exist to get the discourse started.

But we are at a place and time now in Humboldt County where real issues need to be discussed by people willing to put their names behind it.   The Tuluwat Examiner is an example of a new anonymous blog.  It can raise issues but it can’t resolve them.   We are going to resolve the issues of wages in Eureka this November.  This is the result of real people with real names doing the work – on the Internet, on  the streets and in the cafes.

I am not a blog critic so I will just make a couple of comments about Chiv’s efforts.

He appears to want to be taken seriously as a journalist.   He will have to get more fair and balanced to do that.   I met him on the street at Arts Alive and he said he was reporting on all the people out there that day and oops when I read his report he forgot to mention the Eureka Fair Wage Act campaign and the End Solitary Confinement Campaign booth.

I will point out that the Eureka Fair Wage Act booth was the only political booth on “Arts ” Alive night to actually offer any “arts” at all with several live local musicians!

What up John?

Also I have linked to several of your articles, it would be easier if you showed a date on your posts.   Just saying, convenience for your readers would be a help.

I also like that Chiv is reporting on the courthouse, at least a lot of that seems to be first hand and not press releases from EPD or sheriffs.   I don’t think there is any other courthouse reporting at this level, although of course Chiv’s focus is on CRIME which is a familiar fear smear of the local right this year.   Its their version of the minimum wage to drive voter turnout.    There is an obvious flaw to this strategy that I leave as a puzzle for the intellectually curious.  A brain teaser so to speak.

On the right here in in Humboldt you have Chiv , Rose’s shrewish and strange obsession with Gallegos (when a blog has been around for years and has anemic stats, there’s a reason),   Richard Marks Samoa Softball.    YMMV but they have their names on their thoughts.

On the left?  Here.  Maybe Jon the progressive dem.   We put our names on stuff.

We have made progress on the internet.  We need to move past anonymous blogging.  Have some courage – on the left, on the right and in the middle.   We need to have rational discussions.  I will debate a right winger who has a name.  No worries.  Let’s get it on.


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