Sharon Latour for Supervisor

This blogger heartily endorses Sharon Latour for Supervisor.

I live in the 4th District and I support Kerrigan for Supervisor.

I also support Latour, though obviously she is not running in my district.

All five supervisors have a direct influence over my life and our future.  I (and every Humboldt resident)  have a right to be interested in the 5th District race and its outcome.

I promised myself at the beginning of the year that I was going to keep an open mind.  Sharon Latour is a Christian minister, or pastor, and I am a person who thinks religion should be removed from politics.  There you go.

But I listened to Latour speak last night at the Labor Temple and she is not running on a religious platform, like a right winger might.

The thing is, there is a significant difference in the brain power between Latour and Sundberg.   It is evident when you listen to them speak and express ideas.   I am not saying Sundberg is stupid, but Latour is much smarter than him.   I see the possibility of hard times coming, and I want the political leadership in place where I and my family lives that has the brain power to get us through it.   Latour has it, Sundberg probably not.

Ryan Sundberg is a casino executive.  I was a casino executive for 20 years or so in Nevada.  I have known a hundred Ryan Sundbergs.   A casino executive’s day is spent catering to spoiled rich “whales” and a bunch of minimum wage workers, and paying off exorbitant loans to “bankers.”

That’s the flaw in the whole “Have you ever run a business?” meme.   Sure business experience is something, but what if your experience is running a shitty business like a casino?  What does a casino produce for society besides a hundred or two minimum wage jobs and more welfare recipients?  So if Ryan Sundberg has experience running a “business” like a casino so what?  Its useless as far as running a county.

Sharon Latour has more than one advanced degree.  She has shown actual leadership potential.   She has a degree in local governance!  Let’s get serious.

Really I am in favor of Native American Sovereignty.  I think they can actually do better with it than running casinos or smoke shops.   Don’t even play the race card with me.

have a peaceful day,



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60 something ya. Libertarian Socialist, community activist, writer and troubador.
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