Dollison – No. Sorry.

First let me say that I have met Mr. Dollison and his family and at a personal level I like them all, they seem like decent nice people.

I am a blogger and when I researched the DA candidates several months ago Dollison’s record at the State Bar popped up on the first page of results.  The link has been there on this blog for a couple of months, even though the Lost Coast Outpost just reported on it yesterday.

I don’t think Dollison is up to the standards that is needed in a District Attorney.  Yes its because of his past.   Sorry.  I do believe in 2nd chances, and Allan got one when he wasn’t disbarred.  He can practice law.  In private practice.

Perhaps he should open a pro-bono law practice for a few years, financed by donations.  I don’t think he will live a very fat life doing that especially here in Humboldt County, but there are lots of poor people here that would benefit, and Dollison could actually work off some of that karma over a few years.

I would like to see the personal attacks on him stop.   Don’t vote for him but you don’t need to trash him either because he really doesn’t have a chance, and he does have a family.

Here’s hoping he will go pro-bono for a couple years.

I will say this.    Long term use of SSRIs induce a form of mania in people, because SSRIs are time release amphetamines (uppers) and long term use will produce similar but milder symptoms in people as overuse of methamphetamine.    Symptoms of denial, manic episodes, grandiose thinking, impetuosity.    Just look at George Bush.

have a peaceful day,



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