Here’s a REAL Kerrigan Vs. Bass Poll….Times Standard “Poll” Is Bullshit!

The Times Standard has had a Bass v. Kerrigan beauty contest on their front page for a few days.

The poll is bullshit and the Times-Standard (our so-called “Newspaper of Record”)  should be ashamed of itself for promoting this fraud.

You can “vote” as often as you like at the Times-Standard by clearing your cookies. Virginia Bass is always listed first. Bass had a huge accumulation of votes last night between 10 pm and six am this morning. This is a HOAX.

Below you will find a real POLL. You will be limited by cookie and IP address so you can only vote once. This will inhibit folks who wish to vote from libraries and other shared computers. So Kerrigan will lose some votes maybe. Its not a perfect world but below is a more perfect poll.

just for grins what would a write in do?


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60 something ya. Libertarian Socialist, community activist, writer and troubador.
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