Did the Eureka Chamber of Commerce Just Elect Chris Kerrigan?

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I think so.  I think they have just blundered big time.

But of course that’s par for the course for these grandees who selected Evergreen Pulp as their “Business of the Year.”  Oops.

The whole argument of the Chamber is fear mongering that employers will leave Eureka for Bayside or Myrtletown.  Really?  We know who the big employers are.

Do you think Target will move to Bayside?  Do you think Walmart will move to Myrtletown?  Do you think that Pacific Coast Seafoods will move to Myrtletown?

Do you think that St. Joes will move to Bayside?


One good reason is the Republican inspired taxpayer funded gift (tax credit scam) to large minimum wage paying bottom feeding companies called the Enterprise Zone, which is a Republican Reaganomic style trickle down scam.  Eureka (and Samoa, Surprise!)  has one.  Bayside, Myrtletown , Cutten, Fortuna, don’t.     That’s why you always see these good ole boy scams go on out on the Samoa peninsula.  That and the precious water of course.   Bass, Bohn, Marks and Co. desperately need to control that precious water!

In the Times-Standard article Chris Kerrigan is prominently featured as completely in favor of the Eureka Fair Wage Act, and we think our campaign has tails.  Politicians everywhere know this.  Even Virginia Bass said it will create a “High wage oasis in Eureka” in her debate with Kerrigan.  I thank Chris Kerrigan for standing up for working people!  Its about time our working people had some representation!

Over 50 percent of Eureka’s population are RENTERS!  The vast majority of Eureka’s residents are WORKERS!  Combine the two and we will win EVERY election.  LET’S GET ORGANIZED!

So by putting out this stupid little objection to raising our local workers wages and stimulating our local economy, the Chamber has given Chris Kerrigan more ink in the Times Standard than he could have bought.   Maybe Chris should list them as supporters?

Its enough to flip the election.

Thanks Chamber we can always count on this level of performance…..from you!

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